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"House Bibi" is a wooden house from 1916,it is located in village Figovec, built of oak from that time, with authentic rustic style interior. It is ranked among rural vacation houses and categorized with "three suns". 

The estate of Vladimir Presečki - Bibi in Figovec besides the rural house it includes a garden on the slope of the hill, where there is a water source, and a lake with benches for resting.

The house itself consists of two floors which are used for housing. The upper floor contains a bedroom with one double and two single beds for one person, and a bathroom with a hall. All floors are tiled with a coating of baked clay with installed underfloor heating. This upper floor is encircled by a wooden terrace on all four sides, which provides a view of Sljeme on the south side, the lake on the north and a beautiful view of the entire wine-growing village on the east side.

The lower level is visible only from the north of the house because it is "instilled" in the slope of the hill. It has a spacious kitchen with dining area and an open fireplace, with one single bed with a gorgeous relievo on the wooden headboard (early 20th century). In front of the kitchen is a spacious terrace overlooking the lake, paved with original bricks, also from the first half of the 20th century. The terrace is equipped with oak benches and tables for about 30 guests. There is also an open fireplace, equipped with a skewer and a place for roasting. By the fireplace there is a bread oven for baking homemade bread and an original antique stone mill to produce flour from corn, wheat or rye.

The entire property is surrounded by a mixed deciduous/coniferous forest, since it is at the altitude where mountain vegetation grows. This offers guests the possibility of hiking and mountain climbing. The surrounding forests are rich with bird species, wildlife and marked hiking trails. In the vicinity there is a large sports - recreational lake "Jarki".

Accommodation services are provided throught the whole year.

Accommodation Bibi
Accommodation Bibi

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